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Electro Antiperspirant® ELITE

In stock and ready to dispatch

First pulsed and fully automated machine intended for hospitals, clinics and home users that will relieve you of sweating even for several months on a single application. In the beginning of the treatment, you just choose the area affected by excessive sweating and the computer will do everything for you. Revolutionary pulsed technology allows treatment of any body part sensitively, without discomfort. Thanks to the AC power adapter and built-in high capacity battery, you will never be caught off guard by discharged batteries. Definitive and gentle solution to excessive sweating of hands, feet and armpits (included in the basic package). With additional adapters, also excessive sweating of the head, forehead, abdomen, back, buttocks, chest and other body parts can be treated successfully and for long time. 50-day satisfaction guarantee and free worldwide express shipping!

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Electro Antiperspirant®

A highly efficient device which is the only one in the world with clinically-proven efficacy in 100 % of patients. Thanks to its greatly improved technology, it was designed as the ultimate solution of excessive sweating of the hands, feet and armpits (basic package). Using the additional adapters, it can also successfully remove excessive sweating of the head, face, abdomen, back, buttocks, chest, and other parts of the body. 50-day satisfaction guarantee and express shipping worldwide for free!

In stock and ready to dispatch
-23% 650,-

Electro Antiperspirant® Sensitive

A new generation device with even longer-lasting effects designed especially for women and patients with sensitive skin. Thanks to its new and revolutionary technology, it can stop sweating quickly and for a very long time. Specially designed for the treatment of the feet, armpits, and both hands without assistance of other persons (all included in the basic package). 50-day satisfaction guarantee and express shipping worldwide for free!

In stock and ready to dispatch
-31% 800,-

Kit for simultaneous
treatment of limbs

First Electro Antiperspirant on the market to enable simultaneous treatment of both hands and feet together. The time required for the treatment of all four limbs was reduced to a maximum of 24 minutes, and the duration and speed of the effects remained. With automatic system you are not dependent on any other person. Have your hands and feet dry today with 50-day satisfaction guarantee and express worldwide shipping for free!

In stock and ready to dispatch
-33% 900,-

Comfortable Underarm Adapters

Designed to increase effectiveness and comfort of therapy in underarm area.

Facial Adapter

Special adapter for treatment of facial hyperhidrosis.


Special Applicator

Serves for the therapy of back, chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and other parts of the body.

Forehead Adapter

For those who suffer mostly from forehead sweating.

Large Containers for Electro Antiperspirant

If your feet are large or sweat up to ankles.

Adapter for the Scalp

Serves for the treatment of scalp.

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