Are you constantly sweating and nothing helps? The only solution with 100% effectiveness

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Electro Antiperspirant® ELITE

Electro Antiperspirant® ELITE

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First pulsed and fully automated machine intended for hospitals, clinics and home users that will relieve you of sweating even for several months.
Applicable anywhere on the body
Integrated polarity change
Strongest machine worldwide
Powered from batteries as well as power grid
The power of direct current + the gentleness of pulse therapy
Fully automatic machine of a new generation

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Get together with Electro Antiperspirant® ELITE:


Face adapter

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Special applicator

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Comfortable armpit adapters

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Adapter for forehead

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Most effective of the effective ones! First pulsed and fully automated machine intended for hospitals, clinics and home users that will relieve you of sweating even for several months on a single application. In the beginning of the treatment, you just choose the area affected by excessive sweating and the computer will do everything for you. Revolutionary pulsed technology allows treatment of any body part sensitively, without discomfort. Thanks to the AC power adapter and built-in high capacity battery, you will never be caught off guard by discharged batteries. Definitive and gentle solution to excessive sweating of hands, feet and armpits (included in the basic package). With additional adapters, also excessive sweating of the head, forehead, abdomen, back, buttocks, chest and other body parts can be treated successfully and for long time. Money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction and express worldwide shipping for free!

35 mA

power adapter (110-240 V, 50-60 Hz) and built-in battery

hands, feet, armpits

Comfortable Armpit Adapters , Face Adapter, Forehead adapter, Special Applicator, Scalp Adapter

The world's most powerful machine

Full body treatment option

Adjustable PULSE technology (DC power + pulse therapy gentleness )

New generation fully automatic device

Electro Antiperspirant® ELITE