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Iontophoresis against sweating anywhere on the body

Iontophoresis for any sweating

Electro Antiperspirant's patented iontophoresis devices contain unique technology that has made them what they are, since 2010. That is, the world's first and still only solution to excessive sweating that has helped absolutely every person who has used them during clinical testing (link to clinical study). As the only iontophoresis devices, Electro Antiperspirants work on any kind of heavy sweating caused by anything, including stress sweating.


However, it's not just the unrivalled effectiveness that makes Electro Antiperspirants the clear market leader in products against excessive sweating. Electro Antiperspirants, again, are the only ones that can be used on almost any part of the body, thanks to the anatomical adapters that can be purchased with them. As a result, the patented Electro Antiperspirant iontophoresis products have won the affection of more than 150.000 customers who have solved the problems that excessive sweating used to cause in their lives once and for all.


People voting on the independent server, share their experience with many iontophoresis devices and choose Electro Antiperspirants as the best in terms of duration and onset of effects and sensitivity of the therapy to the skin. Each Electro Antiperspirant is a certified medical device and as such meets the strictest safety and efficacy criteria that can be achieved. If you are serious about solving excessive sweating anywhere on your body, Electro Antiperspirants are the definitive answer to the problems that excessive sweating causes in your life. All backed by a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

Instructions for use of the anatomical adapters

Armpit adapters

Adapter for the Scalp

Special Applicator

Forehead Adapter

Facial Adapter



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