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Your experience with Electro Antiperspirant

We will be glad if you write us about your experience with Electro Antiperspirant to and so help us to improve this device to perfection.
Excessive sweating is a disease, we are treating it since 2010 and we have tens of thousands of satisfied clients. 40% discount ends today at midnight.

Hello, I didn't believe anybody could help me with my sweating thing, but when I tested this device, it really helped. It was mostly palms, feet and armpits sweating and it had lasted from childhood, but now it's only now and then and very little. Thank you for your product. I can only recommend!

David, Czech RepublicOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Effects of Electro Antiperspirant at 37°C

I would like to express my thanks to your company for the device. It really helped my son a lot now his hand has not sweat for few days and he is very happy.
I will surely recommend this device in Singapore to my friends whom I knows have the same condition and as for myself also have serious sweaty palms however I already did surgery 20 years ago and now I am really happy that my son need not have to thru any surgery .
Really thank you!

Doris, SingaporeOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Hi there, since you write on the back of your instructions for use that we should share our experience with Electro Antiperspirant, I decided to do so :) At first I did not believe anything could help me. But when I read those internet discussions where people praised your product, I didn't hesitate and bought it. My sweating was especially annoying at work. I really had serious problems with it there. Now after five treatments I must say that it's really amazing and I'm glad it was not a waste of money after all. This is something that really helped me. And will tell everybody who could use Electro Antiperspirant. Thank you very much,

Zuzana, Czech Republic :)) Order iontophoresis deviceMore information

I was suffering from excessive sweating for many years. I even underwent a surgery – sympathectomy – and it helped by about 40%, but the problem remained. Three weeks ago, I bought Electro Antiperspirant and it's just EXCELLENT!!!!! My palms and feet are completely dry only after 6 treatments. I just don't know what to say, I cannot find any words. THANK YOU! I RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!

Alzbeta, PolandOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Customer video review

Hi. I just want to say thank you, I was obviously very skeptical buying this as I couldn't believe that something would actually work after living with it my whole life and trying nearly everything else. But when it arrived on my 21st birthday I knew it must have been a sign. It took about 8 treatments and my hands no longer sweat! I have cried with happiness because I never thought I would be able to do so many things that I can now do. I am still obviously nervous that one day it's just not gonna work again but for now I couldn't be happier. This product needs to be out and advertised more, I'm from Australia and had never heard of it over here!
Thank you thank you thank you!

Shannen, AustraliaOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Thank you so much for Electro Antiperspirant. It really helped me. Currently, it is my 13-year old granddaughter who uses it. She has done 5 procedures so far. Please, could you tell me if I am to preventively carry out a procedure once 4 weeks or to wait until sweating returns back again. Thank you for your reply in advance and once more I want to thank you for relieving me of my lifelong trouble.

Best regards, Anna, Czech RepublicOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

My sweating removed after 4 therapies in one week. It is really marvelous. You cannot even imagine the joy of life I have now. Thank you.

Shoaib Akbar, PakistanOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Customer video review

Hi, I first want to thank you for this incredible device. Its changed my life and i have never been happier. It worked after 2 weeks approximately!
Thanks and much love!

Iqra, SwedenOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

A miracle!!! My unbearable 28-year lasting suffering has just ended. And it took only 5 procedures! After a single week of therapies, I could throw away cotton handkerchiefs from my handbag and absorbent pads from my shoes, and I can confidently shake hands with everyone! I can do my job now and I am not shy anymore. I want to thank with all my heart to the people who invented this device and to those who sell it in the country. I was considering buying this for a long time, but now I would pay triple the price they want. Thank you!!!

Blanka, Czech RepublicOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

I would like to say thank you very much for creating the machine, this is effective to me. I've been suffering from hyperhidrosis since when I was young, thank you that you in invented the machine it's a big help. More power to your company.

Cechille , CanadaOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Hello, I just want to say that I bought this device to treat my forehead and it completely changed my life. It is perfect. I recommended it to all my friends, and they are already ordering their own Electro Antiperspirants... Thank you for help!

Best regards, Thomas, Czech RepublicOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

I would very much like to thank you. Thanks to you I do not have to be ashamed of a handshake when meeting people, I don't have to leave sweaty marks while writing on paper and a lot of other things, that your device helped deleting from my life. I am 22 years old. I am a girl that cares about her appearance and demeanor. My hands were wet since my childhood and with that repeatedly came eczema. I work as an assistant, so you can imagine my shame with sweaty red hands. So far I've had 4 treatments and my feet and palms are completely dry. This was my biggest investment, that I've considered for a long time, but someone, who doesn't know how it is to live with these problems will never understand that. I wasn't this happy for a long time. Big thanks belongs to You. I am recommending it to all people, who want to have easier and better life.

Zuzana, SlovakiaOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Hello! I just wanted to say that after 13 therapies sweating of palms was reduced by 95%! I am using the power between 18 mA – 24 mA, and it is very comfortable, without any pain. I think it will completely disappear after another 3– 4 therapies. I recommend Electro Antiperspirant to everyone. Thanks again, I am very happy and grateful.

Marcos, ChileOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Hello, I am so happy to tell you that my palms and feet are dry. Thank you very much :) I am so happy!

Mrs Abiola, Great BritainOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

I ordered the device on 16 April 2013 to the U.S. I'm from Slovakia and live in America. After the first week, my hands and feet stopped sweating, and that was the best month in my life (without sweating). Thank you.

Best regards, VieraOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Hello, I would like to thank you. Electro Antiperspirant really exceeded my expectations. My palms were dry only after four days. Only someone who lived for years with excessive sweating with all its restrictions and discomfort will understand that feeling of relief. The price is not that low, but compared to botox injections it's a great investment. Plus you pay only once. I recommend your product.

Thanks!!! Miroslav, Czech Republic Order iontophoresis deviceMore information

Good day! I would just like to thank your company for this amazing device that had saved me from years of excessive sweating. For as long as I can remember I've had sweaty hands and feet that made my life unbearable especially in summer. In winter too shaking someone's hand when your hand is ice cold and wet is the worst thing that could happen. After just 5 days the sweating had completely stopped I am truly amazed my confidence to shake peoples hands had changed I am now more confident to approach people in my job. Your company has truly made a huge impact in my life and for that I thank you.

Tamar, South AfricaOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

I have had the device for two weeks now, so it's time for evaluation. Already after four uses came results that are unbelievable – completely dry hands, no sweating, no inconvenience in shaking hands, no wet papers when signing, dry wheel when driving... Under any circumstances, whether working or under stress, my hands are always dry without a single drop of sweat. I even used hand lotion for the first time in my life! I highly recommend this device. It might be expensive, but those who deal with hyperhidrosis will never regret that money... Thank you for inventing this device!

Vladimír, Slovakia Order iontophoresis deviceMore information

Thank U very much for quick reparation, very good servis. Greets.

Iwona, PolandOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

I want to share my experience i had with the machine, i was by a big doctor who is making surgery for ets to get rid of sweat and actually he told me to try a iontophoresis i searched for the best machine and i found this, i ordered it and start to use it for only 4 treatments for my palms and its now a week and i hadn't ANY sweat on my palms AMAZING!!!!! i did also for my feet and it IS the same resolt NO SWEAT!!!! thank you !

Moshe, NY USAOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

I want to thank you that there is finally a device on the market that can remove excessive sweating. I am 32 years old and I was sweating perhaps since preschool. The older I got, the more I sweat, which put me under even more stress. It really bothered me both in my private and professional lives. I could not choose the job I wanted because sweaty hands limit your choices. But then I found on the Internet Electro Antiperspirant. I was not sure whether to order it, because I was not sure it could help me. But they offered a money back guarantee and so tried it. And well, after 14 days, sweating disappeared. I am so happy now, I can shake hands with anyone now. Thank you again.

Best regards, Romana, Czech RepublicOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

Hi i am mohammad and I had been 15 years since my 8th suffer from sweating and the older I get the more I sweated doctor said it's because of the panic attack and therefore there is no solution, recently had become so bad that I felt lonely and sad, I ordered electroantiperspirant and I used two weeks, and sweating is completely removed, I want you to thank you from my heart, you saved my life and now I have lots of fun with my life and I sweat no more, thank you very much

Mohamad, NetherlandsOrder iontophoresis deviceMore information

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